May 24 Patrick Adams Acquired OF Patrick Adams from Missoula (Pioneer League) for future considerations.
May 18 Patrick Adams Released OF Patrick Adams.
May 17 Joel Huertas Placed RHP Joel Huertas on the Inactive List retroactive to May 6.
May 17 Omar Artsen Removed non-roster invitee INF Omar Artsen from training camp roster.
May 06 Omar Artsen Added INF Omar Artsen as a non-roster invitee to training camp.
May 03 Sicnarf Loopstok Placed C Sicnarf Loopstok and INF Rando Moreno on the Reserve List.
May 03 David Vidal Signed INF David Vidal.
Apr 28 Luis Roman Signed INF Luis Roman.
Apr 27 James Pugliese Signed RHP James Pugliese.
Apr 21 Louis Martini Signed INF Louis Martini.
Apr 16 John Richy Signed RHP John Richy.
Apr 06 Kyle Kasser NF Kyle Kasser (signed November 11) signed with the Los Angeles Angels.
Apr 01 Zach Wilson Released INF Zach Wilson.
Mar 04 Jason Seever Signed LHP Jason Seever.
Mar 02 Skyler Weber Signed INF Skyler Weber.
Feb 24 Walter Borkovich Signed RHP Walter Borkovich.
Feb 22 Joel Huertas Signed LHP Joel Huertas.
Feb 10 Curt Smith Signed INF Curt Smith.
Jan 27 Johnny Barbato Signed RHP Johnny Barbato.
Jan 25 Dallas Beeler Released RHP Dallas Beeler.
Jan 07 Ryan Long Signed INF Ryan Long.


Dec 23 Logan Lombana Signed RHP Logan Lombana.
Dec 21 Carson Lance Signed RHP Carson Lance.
Dec 14 Bret Helton Traded RHP Bret Helton to Fargo-Moorhead to complete an earlier trade.
Dec 07 Kyle Kinman Signed LHP Kyle Kinman.
Dec 04 Jake Hohensee Signed RHP Jake Hohensee, RHP Carter Hope and LHP Greg Minier.
Dec 03 Josh Altmann Signed INF Josh Altmann, LHP Tyler Anderson, RHP Keenan Bartlett, RHP Dallas Beeler, INF Gunnar Buhner and C Zak Taylor.
Dec 01 Sicnarf Loopstok Signed C Sicnarf Loopstok.
Nov 30 Zach Wilson Signed INF Rando Moreno and INF Zach Wilson.
Nov 24 Forrestt Allday Signed OF Forrestt Allday.
Nov 18 Patrick Adams Signed OF Patrick Adams.
Nov 16 Edgar Corcino Signed OF Edgar Corcino.
Nov 12 Justin Byrd Signed OF Justin Byrd and INF Kyle Kasser.
Sep 11 Forrestt Allday Fargo-Moorhead returned the contracts of OF Forrestt Allday and RHP Bret Helton.
May 01 Ryan Richardson Signed RHP Ryan Richardson.
Apr 27 Ryan Long Signed INF Ryan Long.
Apr 09 Greg Minier Signed LHP Greg Minier.
Mar 24 Bret Helton Signed RHP Bret Helton from Fargo-Moorhead for a player to be named later.
Mar 12 Dan Mayer Signed INF Dan Mayer.
Feb 26 Keenan Bartlett Signed RHP Keenan Bartlett.
Feb 05 Brallan Perez Signed INF Brallan Perez.
Jan 27 Signed LHP Kyle Kinman and RHP Jeffrey Thompson.
Jan 24 Dallas Beeler Signed RHP Dallas Beeler.
Jan 16 Carter Hope Acquired RHP Carter Hope from Fargo-Moorhead to complete an earlier transaction.
Jan 10 Ricky Knapp Sold the contact of RHP Ricky Knapp to the Los Angeles Dodgers.
Jan 08 Signed OF Zach Sullivan and RHP Justin Watland.
Jan 06 Yeiler Peguero Signed INF Yeiler Peguero.