There is still time to apply for the 2013 Saltdogs Internship! The deadline for Interns to apply is January 1st to be considered.

Lincoln Saltdogs Internship Outline


This year the Saltdogs will hire 10-12 interns to rotate through the areas of Promotions, Ticket Sales, Merchandise Sales, and Stadium Operations.


Information and expectations:



5 Interns are in this area for game day (1 guest relations / 4 on field). Guest Relations is the customer service area where they answer questions, keep track and fill the in-between inning promotions.


When you are in Promotions, you are responsible for: knowing what the promotion is for the evening, helping pass out giveaways, dressing up to match the theme, transporting and assisting entertainers, interacting with the fans and getting people to sign up for the promotions. Interns are also responsible for explaining the between inning promotions to the contestants, setting them up and making sure they run smoothly. Watching the scoreboard and knowing baseball (outs and innings) are crucial to making this happen.


Before the game starts, Promotions is responsible for all decorations and setting up for the game.



2 Interns are operating the ticket office on both game days and non-game days. In the ticket office, interns are in charge of taking phone orders and processing those orders using the E-Tix ticketing system. You will have your own account on that system and will be in charge of your own window and money count each day.


During the games, one intern will be in the main ticket office and one intern will be in the centerfield ticket office. There is also a Will Call window (ticket orders that have been called in and processed) that you may have to work on some nights. Customer service is just as important here as it is in other departments. The ticket windows are the first place fans come to when they arrive for a game and we need to make it a good experience.


In addition to the ticket office responsibilities, interns may be given the opportunity to sell sponsorships.


Merchandise Store: 

2 Interns are operating the Merchandise Store each night as well as on non-game days. While in the Merchandise Store, you are in charge of cleaning the store, counting the inventory, going to storage and re-stocking the sizes and items that are needed.


Interns are responsible for learning the Retail Pro Merchandise system, making change and handling cash/check/credit cards for each drawer and making sure the drawer balances each night.


Stadium Operations:

2 interns are in the Stadium Operations area each day. One intern will sit at the front desk and answer phones until 5:00 pm each day. They will have to be able to answer questions and transfer calls to appropriate people.


Before the game, these interns are in charge of putting up flags and taking them down after the game. They will also help with preparing the Skybox Suites for the night. The Stadium Operations interns will also need to help out in any other area that needs it for the game. At times they may assist in selling tickets, help with on-field promotions or be hosts in the Home Run Terrace. With Stadium Operations, the tasks change from day to day to help where needed.


Miscellaneous Items:

Interns will be required to perform as the mascot at various events around Lincoln, give stadium tours, clean stadium seats before each game and participate as “Street Team” members by marketing in the community


Typical Schedule (after about of Month):


Non – Game days:

3 Interns in and the rest may have the day off, unless we have special projects going on. May have to work nights.


Game Days:

1 Intern in at 8:30, 4 Interns in at 9:00, 3 Interns in at 11:30, 4 Interns in at 1:00.

*This schedule is subject to change at any time


Credit for School – if applicable

$200-$600/month based on performance

*No housing supplied


How to Apply:  If this internship is something that you would like to apply for please send us a cover letter and resume.  We will be accepting resumes til January 1st, 2013. After that date we will contact for interviews for sometime later that month. At that time, it will be on the only available date for interviews. If you wish to email your information, please send it to  If you are faxing or mailing information send it to:

Lincoln Saltdogs
Attn: Internship Program
403 Line Drive Circle, Suite A
Lincoln, NE 68508

Fax # (402) 474-2254


Any questions or concerns please feel free to call Anne Duchek at (402) 474-2255.