Provide a fun and learning environment for our interns to learn as much as possible in all aspects of the operation of a Professional Baseball organization by placing them in a position to gain experience and knowledge, which will allow them to utilize the skills learned in their future careers in sports management. We aim to develop college students into young professionals by giving them a great real world experience as a member of the Lincoln Saltdogs Professional Baseball Team.


Lincoln Professional Baseball is a family-oriented organization, dedicated to providing the community with an exciting entertainment product that promotes everything great about the game and safeguards the dignity of the players. Lincoln Professional Baseball is committed to fostering youth involvement with the game, and maintaining a wholesome, fun-filled environment that heightens fan anticipation about spending a memorable and affordable day at the ballpark. Lincoln Professional Baseball endeavors to always show fan respect and nurture spectator input that enhances value, enjoyment and civic pride. Additionally, player interaction with the community is encouraged to further their off-field personal and professional growth. Owned by NEBCO, Inc., the implementation of Lincoln professional baseball is a part of entertaining Nebraska, one of the cornerstones of NEBCO’s mission of Building Nebraska.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILTIES (including but not limited to)

Game Day – Pre-Game:
  • Pre-game meeting to review game day duties and responsibilities and analyzing ways to enhance our overall fan experience
  • Preparing the box office, souvenir store, promotions, group sales/marketing and stadium operations departments to assure each are ready for the home game
  • Provide exceptional customer service
Game Day – In-Game:
  • Implementation and execution of the box office, souvenir store, promotions and group sales/marketing plan for the home game
  • Assistance in the operation of the box office, souvenir store, promotions team, group sales/marketing, and stadtium operation departments
  • Provide exceptional customer service
Game Day – Post-Game:
  • Post-game staff wrap up meeting to review current game performance and analyze ways to enhance our overall fan experience for the next home game, how can we be better tomorrow then we were today
  • Coordinate, Implement and execute post game promotional events
  • Prepare box office, souvenir store, promotions, sales/marketing departments along with the stadium for closing and to assure all is ready for next home game
  • Provide exceptional customer service
Non-Game Days:
  • Plan and prepare for future games
  • Deliver pocket schedules to local business community
  • Assist in Mascot/Player appearances in and around the Lincoln community
  • Print and deliver tickets and marketing materials in and around the Lincoln community
  • Assist in the operation of the Box Office and/or Souvenir Store
  • Provide exceptional customer service


  • You are an extension of our Front Office and we expect you to commit to providing exceptional customer service to our customers at all times while assisting and respecting your colleagues
  • Be committed to learning and gaining knowledge about our industry to set yourself up for future success in our industry
  • Full commitment to be in Lincoln in May, 2024 (exact date determined by your specific college and your completion date of spring classes/finals) and to be present at all 50 games
  • Be a sponge to absorb the knowledge, training, experience and opportunity you are being given
  • Meet our goals and allow us to help you achieve your goals
  • Ask as many questions as you can during the course of your time as a member of the Lincoln Saltdogs
  • Have FUN!


Official Start Date: May, 2024 (based on school location and class/finals schedule)

Anticipated End Date: August 29th (could extend an additional two week based on potential playoff games); will be different for each intern’s school and start date of fall classes

Each intern will be paid Nebraska State Law Minimum Wage ($12.00 per hour) only during games.  Interns are not entitled to wages for the time spent in the internship. Throughout the timeframe of the internship, there will be opportunities for individuals to earn additional revenue if so desired. No housing will be provided.

To apply for an Internship, submit a Cover Letter and Resume by February 1, .