LINCOLN, Nebraska – Major League Baseball and the American Association have announced a partnership that will officially designate the league as one of MLB’s partner leagues, both organizations have announced.

“We look forward to our partnership with Major League Baseball and incorporating the American Association into the MLB family,” AA commissioner Joshua Schaub said in the league’s official release earlier today. “To grow America’s Pastime, it’s critical to bring all stakeholders in professional baseball to the table.”

The American Association will join the Atlantic Association and Frontier League as other independent leagues officially partnering with MLB within the last week.

“We welcome the American Association and Frontier Leagues as Partner Leagues, and look forward to working with them toward our shared goal of expanding the geographic reach of baseball,” said Morgan Sword — MLB’s Executive Vice President of Baseball Economics & Operations.

In the official statement, MLB said “As Partner Leagues, the Frontier League and the American Association will collaborate with MLB on initiatives to provide organized baseball to communities throughout the United States and Canada.”

This marks the first partnership with the American Association and Major League Baseball since the league’s inception in 2006.

“We are excited for this partnership between American Association and MLB,” said Saltdogs President/GM Charlie Meyer. “Today is good news for fans of the Lincoln Saltdogs, American Association and Major League Baseball.”

For further information on the announcement, media inquiries can be directed to Josh Bucholz at (701) 306-2934.