The calendar has flipped to April and the Saltdogs are under two months away from their return.

Of course, there’s nothing like a night out at Haymarket Park and we’ve got 50 more of those upcoming.

But the American Association is one of the baseball’s unique treasures — and with so many cool and interesting cities within, it can make for quite the vacation or quick weekend getaway. Because of that, we’re going to look at each of the 10 cities the ‘Dogs will visit in 2019.


OVERVIEW: Of all the cities in the American Association, perhaps no other location is as classic and true to itself than wonderful Fargo, North Dakota – one of the premier stops for the ‘Dogs in 2019.

Even though it’s relatively small, the city offers just about everything – from minor-league baseball to Division I college athletics and plenty of locations all around to make the trip worthwhile for anyone and everyone who decides to go.

The RedHawks offer one of the most unique gameday environments in the American Association and the wonderful people of Fargo can make any outsider feel like they’re right at home. It really is a treasure of the Upper Midwest.

THE STADIUM: Newman Outdoor Field is nestled right next to the campus of North Dakota State University, and the RedHawks share the facility with the Bison (much like the ‘Dogs and Huskers do) during the month of May.

Built in 1996, the stadium hold just over 4,500 people and – especially on weekends – it’s packed essentially to the brim each and every night.

Perhaps the most unique element of Newman Outdoor Field is its build: it feels like they added seats and bleachers and places to watch and enjoy the game as they went. While Newman Outdoor has a healthy main concourse, there are so many different things to enjoy, concession stands to visit and places to grab a cold beverage when you can venture down the left- and right-field line.

The community environment inside the stadium is undeniable, too. Find yourself sitting down behind home plate? Be sure to turn around during the seventh-inning stretch and get ready to catch candy bars that are tossed down from the two radio booths suspended high above the seats. And make note of the Fargo-Moorhead SuperFan who tries to rile up the usually-large crowd up in the seats, or the older man who dances a jig in worn-out denim overalls off to the first-base side.

Even if the baseball is the same just about everywhere in the league, the RedHawks have mastered the art of family-friendly presentation.

THE CITY: At just over 120,000 in population, Fargo-Moorhead (Fargo is in ND, Moorhead is in MN) seems just like the quiet and quaint city you imagine it is. But as home to NDSU, the dining and nightlife of Fargo can match nearly every city in the league.

With plenty of eateries and bars in the downtown Fargo area, that’s a wonderful place to start. Catch a show at the iconic Fargo Theatre located right on Broadway street, or visit the Riverside Gardens right on the bank of the Red River as it twists, turns and dissects Fargo and Moorhead.

Per usual, Fargo offers up a family-friendly zoo, but it’s also worth checking out a pair of museums in the middle of downtown: the 8th Street Art Gallery and the Plains Art Museum.

Speaking of museums, you absolutely can’t miss the Fargo Air Museum – home to aircraft from all eras of aviation and what the Smithsonian Institute calls the most accurate recreation of a Wright Brothers’ aircraft it has ever seen.

Of course, you also can’t go wrong with a peek at the famous FargoDome or a tour of North Dakota State University.

‘DOGS ALL-TIME RECORD IN FARGO: Unfortunately, as fun as the city and ballpark are, the ‘Dogs have a nightmarish 19-42 record in Fargo. That .311 winning percentage is the club’s worst among cities in which they’ve played 20 or more games. Oh well – can’t win them all, huh?

WHEN THE ‘DOGS ROLL THROUGH FARGO: June 3-5, July 4, July 12-13. Tickets range from $4-$9 when purchased before game day and $6-$11 when purchased at the gate.